Areas of specialisation


As far as today’s insurance market is concerned, provision of professional broker services requires specialisation. Thus, to address this demand, we have decided to create specialised teams dealing with specific insurance and non-insurance matters.

The task of insurance teams assigned for particular insurance risk groups is to provide professional consultancy not only to our company, but also to our clients. Every broker and partner of our company can count on specialist support of persons who have access to the latest information about changes and knowledge of current trends in particular insurance risk lines. The teams’ duties also include organising training courses and presentations concerning particular types of risk.

At present, the following teams operate in the company:


Civil liability insurance team
Technical insurance team
Financial insurance team
Motor insurance team
Transport insurance team
Personal and life insurance team


In the course of our activity we have tried to fully satisfy our clients’ insurance-related needs. It often meant looking for innovative insurance products and developing original programmes for particular sectors of business, entity groups or professional groups. Therefore, independent of the above mentioned teams, there are divisions which develop specialist branch programmes.
Branch programmes are developed by brokers who know a particular segment of the market and have many years of experience in providing services for a specific sector. Based on their knowledge we have developed specialist insurance solutions for:

  • health care, including a third party liability insurance programme for physicians “Bezpieczny Medyk” (Safe Medic)* and a life insurance programme for employees and members of the Association of Medical Rescue Employers “Ratownik” (Paramedic)*,
  • police employees – a programme of employee life insurance ‘Policja’ (Police)*,
  • public sector institutions,
  • energy providers,
  • the judiciary,
  • dairy industry,
  • transportation and forwarding companies.

* Programmes developed within broker consortiums


Other specialist teams in our company:


Legal team
Public procurement team
Claim adjustment team



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