Dear Sir/Madam,


Twenty years of operations is a period which causes a natural desire to summarise, evaluate and make plans for the future. In Polish economic reality, twenty years of uninterrupted operations is a respectable age. Our company has been operating under the business name of PWS Konstanta S.A. from the start.

Being an unchanging element in the changing reality, it is no coincidence that Konstanta was chosen as our company’s name. The name was to correspond to a philosophy adopted by shareholders, i.e. the philosophy of constancy, trust, good conservatism and safety.

Throughout twenty years of work we have managed to meet almost all of our assumptions.

An unchanging element and stabilisation have always been present in the internal situation of the company. We have the lowest rate of employee fluctuation. Brokers employed in our company have been its biggest asset for years. We have transformed from a company with relatively few employees and a regional scope of operations to a leading company on the broker market.

We did not succumb to market trends. We have remained an insurance and reinsurance broker concentrated only on this area of business for the benefit of our clients and transparency of turnover.

Our relations with PWSInternational from London gave us access to knowledge and opportunities of the oldest insurance market. In spite of changes in ownership and a decision to purchase PWS’ equity interest, we still have a close connection with the international market thanks to our friendships and business contacts.

For us, the activities of a broker have always been connected with a need to appreciate interpersonal relations with a client and insurance companies. It lets us understand and satisfy our clients’ needs. It also allows for full individualisation of actions targeted at solving problems in accordance with clients’ needs.

We are a capital company with Polish capital belonging to brokers who, therefore, are not only employees, but also owners substantially interested in the company’s successful development.

Bearing our clients’ safety and the company’s development in mind, we undertake a number of initiatives that let us adapt to the changing market. We provide and enforce continuous staff training. Our employees improve their skills not only during intra-company training, but also during postgraduate studies at the best universities in Poland.

The trust insurance institutions put in us as well as their faith in our professionalism allowed us to obtain third-party liability insurance of EUR 25 million related to our professional activity.

Our professionalism made it possible for the company to obtain TÜV NORD certificates confirming observance of ISO standards with regard to quality management and information security.
The number of branches throughout the country, getting new clients’ trust and the company’s development are our great pride.


Jacek Kliszcz

President of the Board of Directors



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