Paweł Kaczmarczyk

A jazz pianist and composer with impressive achievements and even more impressive plans. He has recorded five very well-received albums and participated in many more projects as a sideman. The albums released to date have brought him numerous awards and distinctions, such as:

– a nomination to the Fryderyk award (Poland’s most prestigious music prize)
– six wins in the Jazz Forum magazine’s Jazz Top contest
– five “Jazz Oscars” at the Grand Prix Jazz Melomani gala
– the Mateusz statue awarded by Polish Radio Three
– Kulturalne Odloty Gazety Wyborczej award given by one of Poland’s top daily paper in the Artist of The Year category

Paweł doesn’t like to pigenhole his sound and aims to avoid any boxes. “I want my music to move people – not only deeply, emotionally but also literally and physically. I want to grab my listeners out of their chairs and give them something they will not forget right after leaving my concert or turning off an album.” Paweł Kaczmarczyk