25th anniversary of PWS KONSTANTA S. A.


A quarter of a century is the time that verifies, allows us to look back on whether we have kept our face or fulfilled our promises.

When choosing a name for our company, we reached for a Latin word that would best reflect our intentions and include everything that is of value to us. A lasting element in a changing reality. I hope that for twenty-five years we have managed to prove our loyalty to our values.

Working on a dynamically changing market in conditions of not always fair competition, we have implemented our plans. We have always put transparency and the interest of the client first, not in the short term but in the long term.

We tried to maintain full professionalism, we did not want to follow trends that would bring high profits in a short period of time, but would be burdened with high reputational risk. We did not create an agency, we did not introduce to our offer marketing tricks aimed at gaining the client and not bringing him benefits. The welfare of the client and our partners has always been more important to us than the Excel sheet showing doubtful economic data.

I believe that insurance should be one of the most conservative areas of our lives.

It’s not a financial service with the expected profit, it’s a service aimed at securing our clients’ achievements. We do not promise to make a profit, we promise to alleviate the ailments of events that take the assets away. The turmoil of today’s world, the apparent economics, the focus on speculation and profitability described by prominent economists is not our way.

I hope that the clients, who constitute our greatest value, with whom we have been associated for many years, and with some from the beginning of the company’s existence, can confirm that we have achieved our goals.

Slow, stable growth as far as possible, limiting natural human greed, maintaining honesty in contacts with both suppliers and recipients of insurance services have allowed the company to develop harmoniously throughout its existence.

Our partners, because this is how we treat our brokers, are a substantial and stable team that shares our values – honesty and integrity.

The development of the company has also allowed us to take initiatives in the social sphere, where we have actively engaged, to the best of our abilities, in social and cultural activities.

Among other things, we continue our long-standing cooperation with Collegium Civitas, we participate in the organization of the Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa festival, we cooperate in publishing books by such authors as Adam Zagajewski and Maja Komorowska, we help young visual arts and music artists without losing contact with our long-standing partner artist Jerzy Dmitruk.

I hope that the next twenty-five years will continue to be the best. This is the moment when I must thank all our employees, business partners and customers. We exist thanks to you and thanks to the understanding and acceptance of our business choices.

Jacek Kliszcz Chairman of the Board

Jacek Kliszcz